Tantric Healing - Erotic Intelliengce
Sacred Tantra Massage

Sexual Empowerment for Women

Tantra is a tool for awakening the senses and bringing you into a new awareness of ecstasy and bliss that can take you beyond the senses and into a direct experience of yourself as Love.

Your desire may be to discover more fulfillment and joy in your sexuality, or to bring more pleasure into your life and the life of a loved one.

You may be searching for a deeper level of connection to the spiritual truth of who you are. Or perhaps you are just seeking for a way to lose your programming and limiting beliefs about sex and sensuality. Whatever has brought you here is perfect for you, and I honor your path.

For years I have been helping women with sexuality and self esteem problems. As a teenager I sought to learn all I could about female sexuality as well as physiology. I have always been more sensual and more loving than most men, and believe this is one of my greatest attributes and that it is what compels me to be of service to women. I truly enjoy helping women to feel and enjoy their unique femininity to the fullest. I love helping them to understand what truly BEAUTIFUL and SENSUAL beings they really are. No matter what your outward appearance you are GORGEOUS on the inside and deserve to feel that way.

I teach women, couples, as well as polyamorous groups to experience and enjoy sex and lovemaking to the fullest! And to help strengthen relationships in General

I also teach couples how to introduce Tantric massage into their sex life to find more long-lasting love, fulfilling sex and depth to their relationship. It is a short, simple and effective way to learn.

Session for Women

Energetic healing and tantric coaching are added to the ecstasy of receiving the nurturing and awakening sensual massage.  The environment is created in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy….

Session for Couples

Sacred Ritual is an exploration of the heart for couples who want to experience more love, intimacy, passion and sensuality within their relationship. An evening of passion and heart-felt love is just what you need to show your partner how much they are appreciated.

Tantra Introduction

Tantra is a pathway to our true potential, to be both spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love.  Wherever we are right now is our starting point.  And every day for the rest of our life is our journey through conscious living and loving.